Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Mega Edition In Jakarta

Indonesia, 11 July – After the success of 2 Bootcamp in Nepal and Thailand, Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp has successfully conducted the Mega Edition of Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp in Jakarta, Indonesia from 2nd to 5th July 2018.

Mr. Khagendra Acharya, Founder/Chairman of Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp said, “The Bootcamp aims to groom and support the young minds in the sector of entrepreneurship, innovation, and business by creating one of the largest entrepreneurial networks.”

Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Mega Edition had hosted 160 delegates for 4 days to create a business model out of their business ideas.

The Mega Edition of the Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp had invited many outstanding personalities as their speaker/ Mentor. GEB had gathered 17 Mentors/ Speakers who shared their personal entrepreneurial journey, fundamentals of entrepreneurship which was very inspiring and useful to the participants in their personal life as well as in their startups.

The speakers for the Bootcamp were Professor Rajesh Nair (Director of Asia School of Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre, Massachusetts Institute of technology), Leonika Sari (Forbes 30 under 30), Mizanur Rahman Kiron (Forbes 30 under 30), Prof. Dr. Takeshi (Professor, Soka University, Japan), Dr. Renard Siew (World Economic Forum Expert Network Group), Ash Ali (Founder, The Unfair Advantage and the first Marketing Director at Just Eat) ,Goris Mustaquim (Founder and President, ASGAR MUDA Foundation), Sanny Gaddafi (Founder, 8 Villages and top 100 young influencer in Indonesia), Nandan Hari Sharma (CEO, National Investment and Capital Market Ltd.), Donald Chan(Director, International for Circle.life), Marvin Kolibonso (Founder, Baku and co-founder, Sayurbox) Troyevan Saraghi (Founder, UTINDOCreative Works, Indonesia), Andre Kwok K. (Founder, Future City Summit), Tal Caltran (Accelerator Guru),Bhanu Prakash (The Number Prodigy- The fastest Human Calculator and founder, Exploring Infinities), Octa Ramayana (1000 startups) and Aditya Dave (Founder, ECOLABS and Ferme tester).

Along with the mentorship sessions by the mentors, the Bootcamp also hosted several networking sessions, teamwork sessions and cultural night which enhanced the communicating and networking value of the Bootcamp which aided in several collaborations and future works/ bonding among the participants.. The main objective of the networking session was to help participants work in their business model, build a strong network, grow the team spirit and help participants get the real-life experience of working in a team.

On the demo day, 17 unique business ideas were pitched. For demo day, GEB had invited 3 Judges. The panel of judges included Adrian Lim (Director, BLOCK 71 Jakarta/ co-founder, and CEO at PTPop Box Asia service), David Soukhasing (Managing Director at Angel Investment Network Indonesia) and Ash Ali (Angel Investor, Serial Startup Founder).

The ideas pitched were Sunrise, a specialized treatment and personalized nutrition service for diabetic patient and pregnant women, Bip Bip, a logistic solution, Swaad, homemade food delivery system, 4Fit, an application that is a fitness encyclopedia, Crimson, an initiation to eliminate the deep rooted taboo and misinformation regarding menstruation, Vendup, an initiation of making and selling hygienic food stall which is eco-friendly and creates healthier work environment, Med-service, an initiation to supply medicines in rural areas using Drones, Healthy Pick, a customer friendly application that plans and prepares your dietary plans, cooks and delivers food along with the fitness and exercise plan that compliments the diets , She Endeavor, an initiation to boost women spirit, HappyApples, a business idea to distribute the Apples and Apple products grown in various part of Nepal, Carer, an application designed for mothers which helps her in growth and development tracking of her child, medicine retailing, expert consulting along with making appointments with doctors, Chabhil, a business plan which will produce and brand locally made Nepali Gundruk, Health-e-care, an application that helps you call doctor at home as well as help you order medicine online, Appli, a platform where user can practice and improve interview skills and communication skills, Tapari, a business plan which will produce and commercialize leaf plates(Tapari), Precisely, a mobile platform that make both academic and professional opportunities easier to grab with the help of machine learning, Eliminating Sex Trafficking, an initiation of eliminating the sex trafficking and related violence using the artificial intelligence (AI).

After the final presentation, Appli with the team members Shivam Kumar Santosh Kumar Tiwari, Nitin Marisela and Kejal Mahavir Ranka won the Winner’s title while Healthy Pick with team members Dang Quoc Bao, Phung Trung Hieu, Nguyen Dieu Linh, Anirudh Jain and Gustaf Christian Loho won the title of Best Team.

The Bootcamp was concluded by Ms. Parshu Aryal, Managing Director of Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp by thanking all the Mentors/ Speakers, Guests and Participants and the announcement of the upcoming Bootcamp in Hanoi, Vietnam.

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